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Dynamic Design Duo


Minosa, one of Sydney’s leading design teams, received two gongs at the Australian Housing Awards.

Published in Housing magazine, July 2016


True Blue


For this article I chatted to Joe Mercieca, a Blue Mountains-based builder and passionate advocate for sustainable housing.

Published in GreenSmart magazine 2016

Spec and Span


This spec home was built by Eco Essence Homes to demonstrate how maximum energy efficiency can be achieved at a realistic budget. The result? A universally appealing, highly liveable, award-winning home.

Published in Housing magazine, November 2016

International Flair


Profile of award-winning interior designer Di Henshall, whose unerring style and innovative ideas are making waves both in Australia and abroad.

Published in Housing magazine, September 2016

Binning the trash: How to avoid packaging

otter july thumb

Why do we use so much packaging, and is it possible to avoid it and still live a normal life?

Published in Otter, July 2016

Greenwash: How to spot it

Otter Thumb April 2016

A closer look at eco-marketing – how to tell if a product’s ‘green’ claims are true or nothing but spin.

Published in Otter, April 2016

Read Between The Lines

Otter Feb 16 thumb

Sometimes the information on clothing labels can help you determine if a garment is harbouring any potentially toxic chemicals.

Published in Otter, February 2016

The Gold Standard in Green Housing

GreenSmart 2015 cover

The living is easy in this high-performance family home, thanks to a range of innovative strategies.

Published in GreenSmart 2015.

Five Things You Should Never Buy New

Otter page Nov 2015

Help save dollars and the planet by buying these items second-hand.

Published in Otter, November 2015

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